Friday, August 12, 2011

Respect our People, Respect our Nation!!

I never thought I will be writing such a story, coz’ I never get influenced by movies to write a story, but yes real life has always inspired me to write. I have a colleague named Ashfaque Khan in my office, he is basically from Lucknow, his ancestors were Hindu, they were converted during the rule of Akbar Badshah, Ashfaque always favored the Hindus, he liked being among them ‘had lot of friends, one of course is me. He is really a fantastic guy.

He had is own dreams, one them he had shared with me, he wanted to go on a world tour with is parents and so he was saving all his money, but he did not have a passport, I suggested he get it made soon.
He filled an online form and went to the passport office for the formalities, but every day, he was told to come another day or was given any other excuse, that he is late or whatever, one day he decided , he will reach there before the office opens and wait…he did that he was the first one in the queue. The (passport) Verification Officer, during the verification was very rude, coz’ Ashfaque was a Muslim, however Ashfaque kept his calm, but the one question which the officer asked really made Ashfaque speak- “The question was “Are you or your family related to or connected to any terrorist ? “ Ashfaque had tears in his eyes, he said, “Sir, I’m not related to any terrorist, nor do I no one, but my Father has served the Indian Army for 15 years, and I’m proud of that, I’m a proud Indian, Like you are, I’m not a terrorist.”

The passport officer, just passed his file and sanctioned it without a word, people who were standing there saw Ashfaque with respect.

Friends’ this is a True Story, only the name is changed on request, I’m proud to be Ashfaque’s friend!
True Indians! Happy Independence Day to all of us!! Respect our People, Respect our Nation!!
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Monday, July 4, 2011

A scary truth ...

The mobile rang the third time, Arsa was in a very important meeting, she could not ignore the call, and she excused herself and took the call. The call was from her 3 year young daughter, she just kept saying Amma (mother-in-law) is not opening her eyes. ..Arsa was worried.  She could not concentrate on the meet, she requested her MD via sms that it’s an emergency and she had to leave.
When Arsa reached home her mother in law was lying on the bed cold, her daughter Isha was crying...
Arsa was a widow, her husband passed away in an accident, she was eight month pregnant then, Arsa was brave she had all the courage to take care of her baby and stayed with her mother-in-law (Amma), Her Amma was the only support, while Arsa was in work, she used to take care of Isha.... being a single mother was indeed difficult. Even before the cremation ceremony, Arsa’s boss called her up and said she is fired, cos’ she left midst an important meeting...
There are so many women like Arsa who are single mother, career conscious trying to balance family and work, some succeed some are still struggling.  I met Arsa in one of my friend's engagement , that’s how I came to know  about her, I just kept wondering why we don’t have an answer for all this, many even suggested her to get married, but is that a solution? Arsa did want to get married, and why should she ...'just for the sake of  financial support compromise with another man, isn’t that unfair?

I kept wondering all the way back home, how will she take care of her daughter Isha? How will she mange to live? How ...How...there were too many questions???

Is it that a woman if a mother will not get opportunities like other young girls or women to make her career?  Does life end after being a mother? Does she have to compromise with her dreams? My heart is still heavy I really don’t know how I can help her; I wish God lands in her house and fill it with riches, so that it will be enough for all her life.
I might really sound kiddish...but that’s all I can hope for Arsa!
Do you have a solution for such women in our society? Where will they go...How will they survive?...
A scary truth which no one wants to accept, the society ignores... but persist! 
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Friday, June 24, 2011

It is my responsibility …it’s our responsibility!

I left late from work one day, was really tired and wanted to reach home before midnight , there was not much traffic on the road, was waiting for the last bus, which was at 11.00pm, there were few known faces, I got into the bus and hurriedly took the seat opposite  to the entrance. I showed my pass to the conductor, when he was done giving tickets he went and sat in the single front seat chatting with driver.
I was thinking about my schedule for next day when I heard something…I paid more close attention to hear what the conversation was…there were two people sitting behind, one was a child  (Boy around 10- 12yrs) and a man (middle age)
The conversation between the two….
Boy: “Uncle kaha jaa rahe hain hum “(Uncle…Where are we going?)
Man: Chup reh…bas thode aage jaake utarna hai… (Be quiet …we will get down in some time)
Boy: Muje darr lag raha hai… (‘M scared)
Boy: Uncle...jyada dard tho nahi hoga… (Uncle it won’t pain Na…)
Boy…Uncle… Uncle band kar warna ek rakh k dunga (Stop calling me uncle or I’ll hit u)
Boy: aap muje paise denge...ghar chod denge…ma intezaar kar rahi hongi (you’ll give me money and drop me home na …my mother must be worried)
I was shit scared when I heard this conversation; I didn’t know what to do…I really wanted to interrupt , But I did not have that guts , I just got up went to the conductor and told him what I heard…He said IGNORE…I was shocked,  I decided may what happen I will help the Innocent Child, I wanted to do something before the bus stopped… I gathered all my courage and went  to Man who was sitting with the Boy and asked the Boy where do you want to go…why r u scared tell me I’ll reach you home , The man was angry, he warned to stay away , started abusing, other passengers came to rescue… I did not pay any heed to what the man was saying, I constantly kept asking the child to say if he needed help, the boy started crying, I had only one thought in mind - I want to save the child from the monster... the driver stopped the bus, the conductor asked the man to get down and leave the boy alone…the man had  to give up.  The bus started, I took the boy home, I asked him about the man, the man was his friend’s uncle. I was shocked and had tears in my eyes when I heard the things the little boy shared. I might not share it…but I want to tell the world, save an innocent child, let no one take advantage of their circumstances and innocence. See that children are safe in this world...It is my responsibility …it’s our responsibility!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Holiday Travel Destination - The best Place My Home

My Beautiful home is located on the banks of the backwaters in mandedyi village, approximately 5 kms from the outskirts of kaup (udipi), Karnataka. Set in rustic, sylvan surroundings, the house is close to the bramhalingeshwar temple (Aallade).
This is the ideal home for someone looking for a quite retreat near Padebettu, not too far from the city but away from the noise and pollution. The house itself is tiled and constructed in the perfect karnatakan style, and white washed with natural lime, a local product. The small garden slopes gently away into the backwaters. The farmland around the house has coconuts, areca nuts, and 12 varieties of mango, pepper, pineapple, mangroves and various medicinal plants. The floor on the entrance is wiped with dung. Our most prized possession is a 1000 year Black Rock Mountain called “Bramha Pada” locally, the miracle of God, people in the village worship this wonder! From here you can watch the half of the Karnataka city. Walk a few steps through the lush green coconut garden, sit by the backwaters in tranquillity and peace, or take a boat on the water to a neighboring village and learn about crabs, prawns and copra making. See men climbing the coconut palms and learn how the local brew is made and even taste it!
There are so many enchanting and true stories about this beautiful place.You can hire a 3 wheeled cheaper Auto rickshaw and travel around the village or get a glimpse You can still travel a long way spare a day with the Mukaali (the one who looks after the temple) family living in a 500 year old Padebettu house and listen to their stories and beliefs and visit their family temple and Sacred grove with its snake God and Kumara the idol god. The villagers believe & worship him a lot.
If you again wish to meet and experience other home stay families and surroundings at entirely different destinations in Karnataka I can guide you, indeed!The rustic charm of this village ambience is sure to leave an indelible impression as you say goodbye .
How this holiday makes a difference
Ours is the first and the only Backwater Home stay in this village and in Udipi. The people are very friendly and helpful – this is a home away from home where you can enjoy and really get to know a local family and community. You will experience a backwater destination far from the normal tourist trail, and we only offer two double rooms to preserve the livelihoods of the host family & villagers, and the environment.
The house and the premises are preserved and maintained by using local material and local workmen. The house itself is tiled and constructed in the true Karnatakan Indian style. The fish, prawn, crab, coconut oil, vegetables, and fruit are all produced locally. The farmland around the house has coconuts, areca nuts, mangoes, pepper, pineapple, jackfruit and mangroves, and various medicinal plants.
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My Brother – Token of Love

I can’t remember living without my brother around. We are very close in age. I nicknamed him as “KUKUR”. My brother is an inborn dancer, talented actor and the best of all.  He loves bikes. My brother uses 100% of everything he has to do the things that are reflex to us. I have learned to wait and watch him. This has taught me patience. This is why I believe “an A for effort”, beats an A for the result. My family is very close and they all have taught me things that make me “Anu “
My Home
We, “My family”, have learned to be … loud. We are one noisy family. Because of that I can sleep just about anywhere. My Brother and I shared a room as kids and he also made his fair share of wavelengths and vibrations. He loved the sound of music, talking on the phone, tape recordings of his own voice imitating teachers at school and slamming doors. He would stand and open and close a door 500 times. My bro’ like all kids grew up and I got to watch him. As a girl, I used to run around the house in my slip to the theme music of “Rangeela”! I ran circles through the house until my Dad came home and would say, “Settle!” or my mom spanked me. My bro’ played with the doors and I ran circles through them over and over until mom had enough. It takes children a while to learn how to become embarrassed and I hardly do the Rangeela thing anymore.
Patience and courage
I watched Bro’ evolve into a courageous man who was, to find his own independence.
* I saw him ride a bike on his own, crash it on a fast speedy turn, his bruise his body and still, get back in the saddle to ride again – and not be scared!
* I witnessed his dancing skills and his desire to explore. He use to learn and practice every step till it was perfect.
* I remember the day when he met with an accident, OH! Still I get scared when I think of that event, he met with a train accident, God blessed him, he was saved, though he couldn’t dance for 3 months, still he never took himself as loser, his whole dance group left him, but he had high hopes, he knew he’ll make it big somebody, now again he is an amazing dancer. He is really courageous.
My Brother has taught me to enjoy the time I have and those I love. He and I are very close we have both grown up “side by each” together. We synchronize in the sense of humour department that is for sure. We both can be a little whacked!
He gets people laughing. He has a gift that is absolutely wonderful to witness and experience and others have told me the same.
He also touches people somewhere inside and he is rarely scared of people or confrontation. He is confident that way. He is straightforward… there is no sugar in his jar for coating much embarrassment. He knows who he likes and why. He listens and cares about your feelings. He is a character and loves to be part of the action. He has a great sense of humour. He has taught me a lot about people and the acceptance of others no matter who they are. He sees no hierarchy in society. No one person is more important than another in social status, colour, or ability.
He has also taught me that life is fragile and that life isn’t fair: you must make the best of it and keep your head high. Think positive, be positive, resolve what you can and think in solutions. Every day with him is a great experience.
My bro’  has taught me to stand up for what I believe in, voice my opinions even if they are not popular, do not compromise my principles, and stand confident on my own if I believe in something – do not back down if the consequence is worth the effort.
The ‘ties that bind’
My parents have always been great to us. They have taught us many of life’s lessons like good parents do. My bro’ has great empathy for others, their difficulties and their feelings. He is great at discussing those situations with you and letting you know that he is thinking of you in your tough times. He always offers to help. He has great insight when it comes to his observation of your emotions. He understands. He listens. I feel greatful to have him as my bro. I’m sure I would be a different person if I did not know him. He makes me remember that we are all people here on this Earth and we are all important to our friends, family and loved ones just the way we are.
I can go on writing about him …He is a beautiful part of my life. I just want to say-
B – eing the best is what you share.

R – eal , trusthworthy , and to every deed you are fair.

O – utstanding and worth appreciation is the skill you bear.

T – ogetherness and innocence you care.

H – ealing any pain with kindness you dare.

E – verything you do is special and rare.

R – ich in values and with a great understanding flair.

A Brother like you is a blessing for a lifetime.
I love you ‘ Kukur’ , My Bro’ you are the BEST !
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Alen…I love you!!!

Note : I was in standard sixth when I wrote this poem…:-)..Do read… it is cute and fun.

It happened one day…
I met him on the way…
The wind was clam …
We met each other in the farm…

He saw me…
I saw him…
We exchanged smiles…
We were friends!

We met daily…
Our time passed gaily…
We chatted a lot…
About just here ‘n’ there…

I knew as days passed, he care..
That feeling which came to me was very rare…
We had a lot of things to share..
We made a very nice pair…

One day he said..
He had to leave…
He  had to join work…
He was in the army…

I was sad…
Somewhat, really mad…
But nothing I could do…
He had to move..

The day came he had to leave…
We kissed each other goodbye…
He was waiting for the bus…
Standing in a queue…

When I gathered all courage…
And shouted ….Wait!
Alen ! I love you……….I love you…

Suddenly there was a gap…shshshzzzzzzzz
When mom waked me up… from my study…
With really a tight slappppppp…………..:-)
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Royal Me’

At  5.30am the alarm rang , and I woke up wore my tracks and sportz shoes and went  for a jog,  it was very  chilled I dialled my friend shanny’s number, she said she’ll join me in 5 at joggers’s park , buzzed vinay(vinny) , he was already waiting for me with his silver colour Royal Enfield,  Woah! that was the only thing which wakes me up early... every morning, was desperate to learn riding a Royal Enfield, I used to lieto my  mom and go jogging to learn biking …naughty me!

Vinny and I waited for shanny, unfortunately she didn’t turn up that day, we started with our training session..I must tell I felt a “Queen” when I kicked started the bike and started it on the road…it was an amazing experience, vinny used to sit behind me to guide me…you won’t believe It took me one whole day to kick start the bike, when I initially started to get hands on it…But now it was an amazing feeling everytime I ride on it…I was not very good but confident when I sat on the Royal…I think Royal is the king of Bike’s….It gives a God like feeling every time I get on it…Forgive me GOD!

One day Vinny and I decided that I test my driving skills and ride the royal on the road , shanny warned us, but I was super excited and overheard her, just kicked started the Royal, vinny jumped on the bike with me and off we went on the road riding to joy…when suddenly there was huge truck in front of me…I was shit scared , instead of slowing down I changed the gear, I was too fast, lost control, the truck guy was drunk…and there just in seconds we slipped and slide off  the road, before the truck could take us on….I was hurt badly, both I and vinny were lucky that we did not crack any of our bone….Passer bys helped us getting back our breath to normal, even the drunken truck driver had stopped…courtesy :) , Nothing went wrong with the royal , except for the mirror (cracked)….

That day when I reached home… it was very difficult to face my mom… I’ll skip the home part….It was a very big episode....I decided not hide anything from momma...
But yes...Even today the memory of learning to ride a Royal Enfield is fresh in my mind ….I can still feel the Royal Me’

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