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Monday, May 23, 2011

Royal Me’

At  5.30am the alarm rang , and I woke up wore my tracks and sportz shoes and went  for a jog,  it was very  chilled I dialled my friend shanny’s number, she said she’ll join me in 5 at joggers’s park , buzzed vinay(vinny) , he was already waiting for me with his silver colour Royal Enfield,  Woah! that was the only thing which wakes me up early... every morning, was desperate to learn riding a Royal Enfield, I used to lieto my  mom and go jogging to learn biking …naughty me!

Vinny and I waited for shanny, unfortunately she didn’t turn up that day, we started with our training session..I must tell I felt a “Queen” when I kicked started the bike and started it on the road…it was an amazing experience, vinny used to sit behind me to guide me…you won’t believe It took me one whole day to kick start the bike, when I initially started to get hands on it…But now it was an amazing feeling everytime I ride on it…I was not very good but confident when I sat on the Royal…I think Royal is the king of Bike’s….It gives a God like feeling every time I get on it…Forgive me GOD!

One day Vinny and I decided that I test my driving skills and ride the royal on the road , shanny warned us, but I was super excited and overheard her, just kicked started the Royal, vinny jumped on the bike with me and off we went on the road riding to joy…when suddenly there was huge truck in front of me…I was shit scared , instead of slowing down I changed the gear, I was too fast, lost control, the truck guy was drunk…and there just in seconds we slipped and slide off  the road, before the truck could take us on….I was hurt badly, both I and vinny were lucky that we did not crack any of our bone….Passer bys helped us getting back our breath to normal, even the drunken truck driver had stopped…courtesy :) , Nothing went wrong with the royal , except for the mirror (cracked)….

That day when I reached home… it was very difficult to face my mom… I’ll skip the home part….It was a very big episode....I decided not hide anything from momma...
But yes...Even today the memory of learning to ride a Royal Enfield is fresh in my mind ….I can still feel the Royal Me’

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Knock…Knock…Postman :)

There were hardly any means of communication in the olden days , other than letters, Postman was one of the most important person to most of the families, they were treated as a part of the family…The postman used to read and write the letters for them, he used to know the in and out of each family and was very attached…Today, with so many developments and modern means of communication …the postman with a Khaki Uniform and cycle is lost somewhere …even when a postman passes by on his cycle, we don’t even bother to look at him…times have changed people seem to have forgotten the importance of a postman and post office, Today the Khaki Uniform guy does not knock, just deposits all letters in the letter box and moves on…

I had to go the post office yesterday, I’d the address but reaching there was a task, I was going round n round the same old building, however I couldn’t see a post office, finally a lady helped me, her directions were simple, I was shocked to see the post office, the ceilings were cracked, the walls were not painted, the wooden table n chairs were broken, the gate was rusted, the floor was muddy, it would have been not cleaned or dusted for years , the water tap was leaking, the people working there looked so frustrated…maybe cos’ of the surroundings….I honestly don’t know how much they are paid, But I would like to suggest the Govt. of India that they should think of renovating the post office, give new look to the postman and his cycle, when the govt. can sanction Royal Enfield to policemen, then the postman can at least get a fixed gear bicycle. And all this can be done only with the taxes that Sharukh khan and Sachin Tendulkar pay to the govt.:)

The post Office is the only place where many people can trust their savings and investments, Then Why isn’t it promoted. People should know more and more about the importance and security of this place, ‘m sure the great multinational banks will have a tough time if govt. thinks reforming this old medium of communication and savings

Knock…Knock (Govt. of India) we want the Post Masters and Post Office Back in Action.

Friends! What do you think about this, please comment if you have more suggestions or Ideas to share on this post / concept
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