Friday, January 28, 2011

Work from Home Revolution

I stay at Vasai and my work place is Masjid Bunder, that’s what says, Shilpa one of the fellow commuters, she takes nearly 4 hrs, to commute from home to work and back. This is what “n” number of people say- but is there a solution for this? Why can’t the work place be closer to your home or the best is why can’t you work from home, got’ to be a very stupid question, but we really need to think on this, cos’ if we have a way out, there will be so many things automatically aligned and protected-

•    Like no crowded trains
•    No getting up early and reaching late
•    No skipping breakfast to reach on time to catch the train
•    No Bomb scare in a crowded train…ha ha ha(sounds funny but, very natural today)
•    No pressure of commuting so far and also reaching on time
•    You need not keep a full time maid
•    Socialite
•    Enjoy with your family, cos’ all you earn is to keep your family happy
•    Most important you’ll not spend more than half of your life in train

There are so many women like Shilpa who wants to spend a relaxed life, without quitting work, it might seem just nothing or minor for women who are rich and well off, but it does make a difference to a middle class women, who has to contribute to her household financials, I wish there is a way out someday….A revolution that might change lives and bring smiles!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunny Deol…The Superstar!

Sunny Deol was one of the brightest stars to hit the screens in the eighties with Betaab and Arjun. He still has the ‘it’ factor going as we saw in Gadar – Ek Prem Katha. He is action and intensity personified.

Sunny Deol was born as Ajay Singh Deol on 19th October 1952 in New Delhi, India. He is the son of actor Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur. He has a younger brother, also an actor, Bobby Deol. His father married actress Hema Malini and Sunny has two half sisters Esha Deol, an actress and Ahana Deol. His cousin Abhay Deol is also an actor. He is married to Pooja Deol and they have two sons Rajveer Singh and Ranvir Singh. Sunny studied in Mumbai at the Sacred Heart High School and Podar College. England’s Old Web Theater is where he took lessons in acting and theater.
Yup! Its great Sunny paji's short Biography , But Sunny Pa Ji can actually think on few lines...
He had always been a Bollywood Superstar…However,  he could have been the super-hero forever, that to without any flips n flops , Few tips for the super-hero-

Sunny should make a grand entry in Mollywood/ Kollywood / Tollywood
He will be a superstar for decades with his strong personality and physic
Tough to all South Heroes like Nagarjuna , Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh and more…
He has the looks and the physic to lay off 100 men at one time
He perfectly suits the voluptuous heroines/actresses in south
If by now he would have joined South movies, he would have been in par competing with Rajnikant, ofcourse , I apologise Rajnikant has no comparison, but definitely another Big name "Sunny Anna"

Still it’s not too late; I wish Sunny reads this post and gives it a thought…
What do you guys think …can sunny say ‘Yanna Rascala…Mind IT!”

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