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Friday, June 24, 2011

It is my responsibility …it’s our responsibility!

I left late from work one day, was really tired and wanted to reach home before midnight , there was not much traffic on the road, was waiting for the last bus, which was at 11.00pm, there were few known faces, I got into the bus and hurriedly took the seat opposite  to the entrance. I showed my pass to the conductor, when he was done giving tickets he went and sat in the single front seat chatting with driver.
I was thinking about my schedule for next day when I heard something…I paid more close attention to hear what the conversation was…there were two people sitting behind, one was a child  (Boy around 10- 12yrs) and a man (middle age)
The conversation between the two….
Boy: “Uncle kaha jaa rahe hain hum “(Uncle…Where are we going?)
Man: Chup reh…bas thode aage jaake utarna hai… (Be quiet …we will get down in some time)
Boy: Muje darr lag raha hai… (‘M scared)
Boy: Uncle...jyada dard tho nahi hoga… (Uncle it won’t pain Na…)
Boy…Uncle… Uncle band kar warna ek rakh k dunga (Stop calling me uncle or I’ll hit u)
Boy: aap muje paise denge...ghar chod denge…ma intezaar kar rahi hongi (you’ll give me money and drop me home na …my mother must be worried)
I was shit scared when I heard this conversation; I didn’t know what to do…I really wanted to interrupt , But I did not have that guts , I just got up went to the conductor and told him what I heard…He said IGNORE…I was shocked,  I decided may what happen I will help the Innocent Child, I wanted to do something before the bus stopped… I gathered all my courage and went  to Man who was sitting with the Boy and asked the Boy where do you want to go…why r u scared tell me I’ll reach you home , The man was angry, he warned to stay away , started abusing, other passengers came to rescue… I did not pay any heed to what the man was saying, I constantly kept asking the child to say if he needed help, the boy started crying, I had only one thought in mind - I want to save the child from the monster... the driver stopped the bus, the conductor asked the man to get down and leave the boy alone…the man had  to give up.  The bus started, I took the boy home, I asked him about the man, the man was his friend’s uncle. I was shocked and had tears in my eyes when I heard the things the little boy shared. I might not share it…but I want to tell the world, save an innocent child, let no one take advantage of their circumstances and innocence. See that children are safe in this world...It is my responsibility …it’s our responsibility!

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