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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The first man in my life

Whenever I saw him I had a Twinkle in my eyes, I loved to be cuddled by him, I feel safe in his arms, he gives the comfort I want, he is a dream come true for me, his every touch is memorable and even without he saying I know he is always there for me. He is adorable, I really love him…
I still remember those days when he used to be awake at night cos’ I was not well, he never showed his tears to me, and he is one who taught me to be strong, He taught me how to drive, he encouraged me to overcome my fears, I must not miss telling, he is the first person to Kiss me…
I hold his hand and feel great and safe, I always feel like a winner with him by my side. I liked his dressing sense, I used  to imitate him when on computer, I liked the way he watched cricket and got excited, when he wears his specs, awe' he  gives a tough time to all the heroes in the world. I know he is the best man in my life.

I grew up knowing his experiences , the bed time stories he shared were always inspirational, I can still see his face bright with a wrinkle or two, but he is as awesome as he is... always for me.

I love you DAD, I respect you for all you are, you are the first ever man in Life and I’m proud of you.
Thank You God, I'm blessed with this Man in my Life :)
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Brother – Token of Love

I can’t remember living without my brother around. We are very close in age. I nicknamed him as “KUKUR”. My brother is an inborn dancer, talented actor and the best of all.  He loves bikes. My brother uses 100% of everything he has to do the things that are reflex to us. I have learned to wait and watch him. This has taught me patience. This is why I believe “an A for effort”, beats an A for the result. My family is very close and they all have taught me things that make me “Anu “
My Home
We, “My family”, have learned to be … loud. We are one noisy family. Because of that I can sleep just about anywhere. My Brother and I shared a room as kids and he also made his fair share of wavelengths and vibrations. He loved the sound of music, talking on the phone, tape recordings of his own voice imitating teachers at school and slamming doors. He would stand and open and close a door 500 times. My bro’ like all kids grew up and I got to watch him. As a girl, I used to run around the house in my slip to the theme music of “Rangeela”! I ran circles through the house until my Dad came home and would say, “Settle!” or my mom spanked me. My bro’ played with the doors and I ran circles through them over and over until mom had enough. It takes children a while to learn how to become embarrassed and I hardly do the Rangeela thing anymore.
Patience and courage
I watched Bro’ evolve into a courageous man who was, to find his own independence.
* I saw him ride a bike on his own, crash it on a fast speedy turn, his bruise his body and still, get back in the saddle to ride again – and not be scared!
* I witnessed his dancing skills and his desire to explore. He use to learn and practice every step till it was perfect.
* I remember the day when he met with an accident, OH! Still I get scared when I think of that event, he met with a train accident, God blessed him, he was saved, though he couldn’t dance for 3 months, still he never took himself as loser, his whole dance group left him, but he had high hopes, he knew he’ll make it big somebody, now again he is an amazing dancer. He is really courageous.
My Brother has taught me to enjoy the time I have and those I love. He and I are very close we have both grown up “side by each” together. We synchronize in the sense of humour department that is for sure. We both can be a little whacked!
He gets people laughing. He has a gift that is absolutely wonderful to witness and experience and others have told me the same.
He also touches people somewhere inside and he is rarely scared of people or confrontation. He is confident that way. He is straightforward… there is no sugar in his jar for coating much embarrassment. He knows who he likes and why. He listens and cares about your feelings. He is a character and loves to be part of the action. He has a great sense of humour. He has taught me a lot about people and the acceptance of others no matter who they are. He sees no hierarchy in society. No one person is more important than another in social status, colour, or ability.
He has also taught me that life is fragile and that life isn’t fair: you must make the best of it and keep your head high. Think positive, be positive, resolve what you can and think in solutions. Every day with him is a great experience.
My bro’  has taught me to stand up for what I believe in, voice my opinions even if they are not popular, do not compromise my principles, and stand confident on my own if I believe in something – do not back down if the consequence is worth the effort.
The ‘ties that bind’
My parents have always been great to us. They have taught us many of life’s lessons like good parents do. My bro’ has great empathy for others, their difficulties and their feelings. He is great at discussing those situations with you and letting you know that he is thinking of you in your tough times. He always offers to help. He has great insight when it comes to his observation of your emotions. He understands. He listens. I feel greatful to have him as my bro. I’m sure I would be a different person if I did not know him. He makes me remember that we are all people here on this Earth and we are all important to our friends, family and loved ones just the way we are.
I can go on writing about him …He is a beautiful part of my life. I just want to say-
B – eing the best is what you share.

R – eal , trusthworthy , and to every deed you are fair.

O – utstanding and worth appreciation is the skill you bear.

T – ogetherness and innocence you care.

H – ealing any pain with kindness you dare.

E – verything you do is special and rare.

R – ich in values and with a great understanding flair.

A Brother like you is a blessing for a lifetime.
I love you ‘ Kukur’ , My Bro’ you are the BEST !
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello God…

Hello God…I’m Aneeshya , How are you?  I’m just 4 and half years old, I’m very sad, I see Mom and dad fight every day, I heard them saying last night that will part ways, does that mean, they will stay away from each other forever, If so…then I want you to help me , I don’t want my mom and dad to be separated…You know what God…Here’s a deal just say yes if you like…’mean how will u say yes…I never heard you talking…’m sure you are dumb…but you can always gimme a signal if you like my offer -like drop the flower on your head..Right on my hand and I will know you said ‘YES’

Now the deal is-
I will never cry and ask if I want something
I will listen to everything mom and dad say…
I will learn all my poems by heart (whispers  ...Only which I like)
I will never dirty (chee  ...chee.../pooh...poo) my knickers
I will not play in the mud and lick my palm to taste it , but if u like the taste of mud I can share it with u…sorry :)
I will not break my toys
I will talk to you everyday
Just imagine I will make u my best friend, share my milk and pudding with u...
I will also share my chocolate with u…
I will not hurt my neighbor’s dog by pulling his tail...
I will not eat chalk when no one is around...
I will not hide momma’s chappals…
I will not eat momma’s lipstick (tho’ it’s yum and tasty)
I will not do any kind of Drama while eating food…Will eat whatever is served
I will never put my finger in my nose in front of guest...
Will not be stubborn anymore…I will be a good girl...
Will not sleep during Rhyme class...
AAchooo….will not force daddy to play with me, when hez tired…
Will never hide my dad’s shoe lace or tie it as a necklace …
I will not prepare invisible food and tell momma to eat it…
I will not bite my cook…(I just hate her..Whispers)
I don’t want mom and dad to leave me …I want Dad to take me to school forever and Mom to love  me and make good pastries for me…

Aneeshya…just went on and on…her parents were listening to her conversation with God, they slowly kept the flower on her hand when her eyes were closed…they realized their mistake...

Never argue, abuse, or talk about separation in front of your child, care for your child and your child’s happiness…You are a world for your child!

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