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Monday, July 4, 2011

A scary truth ...

The mobile rang the third time, Arsa was in a very important meeting, she could not ignore the call, and she excused herself and took the call. The call was from her 3 year young daughter, she just kept saying Amma (mother-in-law) is not opening her eyes. ..Arsa was worried.  She could not concentrate on the meet, she requested her MD via sms that it’s an emergency and she had to leave.
When Arsa reached home her mother in law was lying on the bed cold, her daughter Isha was crying...
Arsa was a widow, her husband passed away in an accident, she was eight month pregnant then, Arsa was brave she had all the courage to take care of her baby and stayed with her mother-in-law (Amma), Her Amma was the only support, while Arsa was in work, she used to take care of Isha.... being a single mother was indeed difficult. Even before the cremation ceremony, Arsa’s boss called her up and said she is fired, cos’ she left midst an important meeting...
There are so many women like Arsa who are single mother, career conscious trying to balance family and work, some succeed some are still struggling.  I met Arsa in one of my friend's engagement , that’s how I came to know  about her, I just kept wondering why we don’t have an answer for all this, many even suggested her to get married, but is that a solution? Arsa did want to get married, and why should she ...'just for the sake of  financial support compromise with another man, isn’t that unfair?

I kept wondering all the way back home, how will she take care of her daughter Isha? How will she mange to live? How ...How...there were too many questions???

Is it that a woman if a mother will not get opportunities like other young girls or women to make her career?  Does life end after being a mother? Does she have to compromise with her dreams? My heart is still heavy I really don’t know how I can help her; I wish God lands in her house and fill it with riches, so that it will be enough for all her life.
I might really sound kiddish...but that’s all I can hope for Arsa!
Do you have a solution for such women in our society? Where will they go...How will they survive?...
A scary truth which no one wants to accept, the society ignores... but persist! 
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