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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Night in Office

You can see hardly anyone in my office after 7.00 PM, it was one of those days when my team had to wait, I was feeling bad about it, but work is work :)

My team was almost done by 8:30 PM and we were about to leave when I got a call from my Boss who said the client wants to have a con-call and that too at 10.00 PM (Ah…! This is what happens when you are handling International Clients), I asked my team to leave and decided to stay back  for the call. My team left, there was no one in the office except the office boy at the reception who was half asleep, I was busy Tweeting, when I heard the coffee machine, I thought it was the office boy but I was wrong, he was fast asleep when I reached the reception to chat with him, it was almost 9.30PM, I did not wake him up, I decided to check myself, I went near the coffee vending machine, I could feel someone had been there… but who?

Our office is at the 7th Floor, the entire floor was quite, I was brave, I walked up to all the cabins to check if someone is in, and as I passed by, in one of the cabin’s there was a faint light, One gentleman was working on the Laptop, there was the hot coffee mug next to him, he was wearing a long Jacket, he looked at me and smiled, I’m Jack, I do night shift here…he got up to shake hands, when my spider rang, I had to rush to attend the call, I excused myself and said I will be back after the call and chat….

My call went up till 11.15 PM, but the call ended with a happy client saying good night.
I was dead tired, wanted to go home and sleep, was winding up, when I remembered the gentleman in the room, I had never seen him in office, I picked up my bag and knocked the cabin to see him, no one answered, I pushed the door , there was no light in the room, I switched on the light, there was no one…I assumed Jack had left, suddenly it stroked to me that he had mentioned he is doing night shift, then where is he???

I rushed to the reception, woke up the office guy, asked him about Jack he was clueless; he said there was no one doing night shift in office, I did not know how to react…but I’m sure, I will never forget my night in office!
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friends or just more than friends!!!

What is love? It is a beautiful experience…a memorable event …a long lasting journey…lust to desire…melodious…and I can go on and on…. Adi (Aditya) is the name which changed my whole life , He is a part of every happiness in my life since I know him...

I was only 20,  when I first met Adi (Aditya) it was like the 13th of July! When I looked into his eyes I saw fireworks and when he looked back at me and smiled I knew it was love at first sight for both of us. We were doing our T.Y B.A and lived in the same neighborhood. I’ve loved him for what seems like forever. He asked me out in November and I said yes but there was one problem then, I didn’t love him with all my life but he liked me a lot. We lasted only 3 days because I being the stupid person that I dumped him. Cos’ I was scared, I knew my family won’t accept him but however in the weeks to follow we became really good friends. He would come over and chill at my house with me. We would sit outside at night and we would talk on the phone for hours and hours.

As the days passed by I began to like him more and more till finally I loved him so much I was going crazy (insane). He was the only person I talked about and my friends saw exactly where I was going. They knew I would eventually get the courage to ask Adi out, but they didn’t know when I would. They tried everything to stop me because they knew Adi very well as a person. Adi and I are completely two different people. Only thing we have in common is the close friendship that neither of us wanted to ruin. So we continued to be really good friends and by the end of the year everyone then knew what I was about to do. The whole bus ride home and the walk to our houses my friends tried so hard to convince that Adi wasn’t the one for me, except for one friend Pu (Puja), she thought Adi and I were meant for each other because of how well we got along and because of our close friendship , but everyone else had a different opinion. They told me I shouldn’t ask him out because he wasn’t my type. So I said well then if he’s not my type than who is? 
My Friends were speechless!

So that Friday night of May 31, 2010 I asked the love of my life out and he said yes. When he said the sky turned a different color blue and as the sunset I saw all the colors like I’ve never seen before. Now that we were a couple most of my friends thought we were going to last forever but that forever came to an end 2 weeks later. I don’t know why... it happens, I had never felt so sad and so crushed in my life.

I cried for days and days wishing every night that he would come back but he never did. I saw him the other day at the Bus stop he smiled at me and said Hi'. He pulled me off to the side and said “can’t we still be friends?  I was so close to him, I could feel his breath, that closeness was turning me on...but he still continued...

"Remember the friendship we had before all this and how close we were.... 
Do you remember the nights we sat outside and looked at the stars or when we would talk on the phone till 4 in the morning... 
Do you remember any of that? Because I do and honestly he said I miss those nights with you Archie..."

I didn't know what to say because I felt the same way. But I asked Adi... if all of what you just said  is true then why did you leave me? He was quite he just pulled me more closer ...looked into my eyes and kissed me...I was lost in his arms, I wanted the time to stop forever...he whispered he loved me...and hugged me ... I reached home a happy girl,  but I was still not clear whether we were friends or just more than friends!

That night we sat outside and watched the stars. I don’t know why but he held my hand and told me that he’ll always love me and maybe one day we’ll be back together but not now because we’re young yet and…   

I learned that love maybe too strong a word for us because it has a lot of meaning to it and some of us just don’t know how to use it and some of us do! I’ll always have a picture of Adi and I in my heart and thats where it’ll forever stay!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Happily married….and ???

 “Marriages are made in heaven.”

I always kept dreaming, “A handsome prince will drive me through a luxurious life.” This is what every girl thinks and the same was with Henna. Henna was from a middle class family (Delhi based), happy and excited about the smallest thing in life, life was a roller coaster ride for her , average in studies , a very good painter, her paintings used to always the resemble the person she was.

She made lot of friends, they all used to love and care for her, who will not love a person who is full of talent and fun to be with.

Her mother was a housewife, Father a government servant, brother an MBA. As usual her parents were worried about her future, the worrying starts since the day a girl  is born, when henna was 19 she started getting marriage proposals , and she was desperately waiting for prince charming , finally one proposal clicked, it was a rich family (from Marwar) ,Akshar – the boy was very handsome, it was love at first sight for Henna, she was madly in love with Akshar, they were engaged and the marriage was supposed to take place 3 months after engagement… All this was a dream come true for Henna.

Henna’s father was tensed, as he did not have enough source to arrange finance for her wedding. Cos' there were more demands than expected , Finally he decided to sell his only property his house…He did not mention about it at home. He requested the new owner of the property to let him stay on rent for four months.

The Marriage Day-
Friends, Relatives …everyone attended the wedding, it was a lavish celebration, a day to remember, Henna was in seventh heaven! She just couldn’t take her eyes off akshar.

The First Night-
WOW! This night is full of hopes, excitement and ‘of course n everlasting wish in life.
However it was not the case with henna, as she entered the room, she was the bed was decorated with roses and there was a young lady waiting for her in the room….Whos’ She? This was the first thing which came into mind….
Let’s cut the story short …'m mean you have to suggest the rest :)

What do you think, who’s that young lady??
Sister –in-law, First Wife, Girlfriend, Secretary, Vamp …that’s what you and me are thinking – We all are influenced by T.V. serials, not only in reel life but also in real life , we are implementing the same thoughts, may what the situation or circumstances are.

We have forgotten and lost the charm of first love, sacred marriage, union of two hearts, this all are mere poetic words for us. Marriages are made in heaven; often this has been written and spoken. But how many people really understand what it means?

Today, Marriage is like a short term business plan; definition of marriage has depreciated and reduced to a mere contract for legalized union of bodies, an arrangement for legally satisfying our lust and not our dream. There is no dream partner or dream life with the partner anymore. Two people fall in love, get married and realize that they have committed a big mistake in life.

Divorce is increasing among young newly wedded couples. Relationship between two people moves faster than light…

It is not the “HE” or “SHE” to be blame; both are equally responsible and influenced.

Let’s put an effort to nurture a relationship, which will be long and everlasting. Make an attempt to try and prevent this degradation of definition of marriage and use marriage as a relationship for evolution of universal love, rather , than as a short term relationship tool to fulfill our thirst for lust. I am sure there would be no divorces, no more unhappily married couple, and no marital affairs – when we start seeing our partner (husband /wives) in a larger role.

We all want a happy ending…somewhere we all want to see henna happy, it is your pure and beautiful thought about a relationship which will complete this story.

Married and lived happily everafter!
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