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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I joined a new job as a trainee, after my final year, I was a complete fresher, ‘all excited to start anew. It was my first day; I was a bit scared, actually nervous. I kept thinking at the back of my mind how will the people be? Will I be able to fulfil all the responsibilities given to me? Is the boss rude? Are my colleagues strict? (Obviously might be quiet senior to me)...All such questions were wandering and making me feel more freakin’ nervous. Suddenly I could hear someone calling me, “hey are you Adi the new joinee,” I turned around to the direction of the voice calling me and said yes’; the voice was of a girl, who was waving at me...WOW! She was beautiful, I could hear guitar and symphony at the background, that was as if love at first sight. But I composed myself and went towards her, introduced myself. Hi’ ‘m Adi, I just completed my graduation and have joined as a trainee. She smiled and said welcome, I’m Pooja, you can call me “Pu” you will be working with me for next 6 months’. I wanted to jump with joy. Take her in my arms and dance. I knew she must be much elder and senior to me, but, everyone who falls in love knows, love does not discriminate, it knows no rules, it has no boundaries, it is blind, and it is beautiful. One can fall in love anytime with anyone. It just happens. I was really motivated to come to office, she led me to my desk, and she went on and on, assigning a couple of responsibilities to me. I did not interrupt, /I wanted her to keep on talking, listening to her crystal clear melodious voice, which was awesome. I thought I was the luckiest guy on earth. 

It was almost noon, when I was introduced to my other colleagues, my Boss was a mid –aged gentleman. He seemed very ambitious and inspiring. I was as I met a very enthusiastic staff. Now my only objective here was to impress everyone with my talent and work, and also with all my dedication impress “PU”.  I was given a lunch treat by my new colleagues; they made me feel very comfortable. My first day in office was worth a memory. I was winding up for the day, when Pu called me and asked -how will you travel, I replies -by train. She said that she can drop me as my place is just on the way. I did not want to waste time thinking; I just willingly thanked her and was ready to join. She had a Swift desire; it’s one of my favourites’, a good car in good budget. On the way we hardly spoke anything, but I was happy with her company.

Days passed, I enjoyed office, I got to learn a lot during my training period, meanwhile, I also started knowing PU’ more and more. We became good friends, I now knew that she had a Boyfriend and his name was Mac. I had seen his picture on her desk. Lucky’ guy (smiles). I still loved her. And made sure, she doesn’t get a hint about it. After work our only discussion was “Mac” Pu used to share everything about Mac every day. Sometimes, she used to leave work early to meet him. Pu said, Mac and she never fight. They had fought only once and that was the last time. From then Pu has promised not to fight. I used to notice that Pu’ had a twinkle in her eyes when Mac’s mother used to call her, she used to enjoy talking to his mom. I could see and feel the love she had for Mac.

One day we were working late on Friday’, apart from us there were a couple of our colleagues’. It was around 9.00 PM, I was almost done, I went to Pu’s desk, she was still on with her laptop, I asked her if it will take time. She replied in her usual melodious tone, “No’ Adi, are you getting late? Wait for an hour I will be done and we will leave together, I will drop you.” There was no reason for me to say “No” I was bonkers over her, I was ready to be with her all my life, if not MAC’. I was not jealous, coz’ I loved her so much and would always respect her love of life.  We almost left at 11.30 PM. It was a cool, breezy drive with the window panes down and the roads with no traffic.  As usual she was talking about Mac, and went on and on. I enjoyed listening and being with her. I reached home. I did not sleep that whole night, I was just thinking about her. I felt like telling her once how much she means to me. But I was scared, I did not want to risk my friendship for love. We were good friends and Pu’ trusted me a lot. I knew I will never be able to tell her my feelings. Night passed with Pu’s thoughts.

17th October’2006, Tuesday, I did not see PU in office, I tried calling her, and her phone was switched off. I left a message on her phone to call back. I could not concentrate on work; I was waiting for, when the office boy got a note for me. The Note read “Hi Adi’, I will not be in office today, it is Mac’s Birthday, so we are out celebrating together, I will call you at 3.00 PM.” I was happy that she is safe and enjoying, but I missed her terribly, I was just looking at my watch and phone. I was just waiting for her to call. I could just hear nobody. I messed me with my work that day, my boss was a bit annoyed. But, he guided me, helped me to understand my mistakes. I apologised, I knew I was wrong, coz’ I was only thinking about her and not concentrating on work. It was 3:00 PM and she had still not called, I looked at my phone, as if I’m gonna’ crush it into pieces; I wanted to, just hear her once. It was almost 5:00 PM and she still din call. I wanted to go to her house and meet her, but that would be so crazy, she might not like it. I left home alone. My heart was heavy, I wanted to cry, I wanted to hate her, which I could never. I had nothing to eat the whole day, my head was reeling, and I was feeling very uneasy. I reached home, cried in my bed, staying alone; I had no one to console me. I called my “MOM”; I wanted her to be next to me so badly. I called her and spoke to her. Of’ course, I couldn't share the reason for being upset.I just told her I had a bad day; as usual she gave me comfort with her sweet and kind words. She told me to come home; she was missing me, so was I. I decided to visit her this weekend.  I was feeling much better talking to her. I got up really late next day, I had kept my Phone on silent, so missed a couple of calls, one call was from PU’, I did not call her back.

I reached late to office, almost second half.  Pu’ came to my desk with some chocolates and Cake, she said sorry for not calling the day before. She said she was very busy and enjoyed, every moment being with Mac. I was happy for her, even after what I went through the day before. We went together for Coffee that evening, over a coffee chat she told that she missed dropping me yesterday’ I was very happy to hear that, my heart melted out for her, I was happy with the fact that, though she was with Mac she missed me. I told her I wanted to meet Mac the Lucky guy in her life. She was quiet, there was complete silence for a couple of minutes, when I interrupted the moment and said’ It’s O.K, PU, I know there are some guys who would not like their girlfriends to have a guy as a best friend, I understand. You don’t worry; I just casually asked to meet him. She just walked away, without saying a word. She did not spoke to me till Friday noon, I wanted to leave early, so I pinged her on her laptop, she did not reply. I had to wait for her permission to leave home. I was going to my Mom’s place as decided. I was about to get up from my chair and go to her desk, when I found her standing next to me. She said, “Hey Adi’ can you cancel your trip for today, I wanted you to meet Mac tomorrow morning” I agreed, I did not want to say “No” to her, as usual.  I called my Mom, and informed her.

21st October’2013, Saturday Morning, I will never forget this day. I met “PU” on the highway; she was dressed in a white shirt and pale blue jeans, WOW! she looked awesome. I wanted to hug and kiss her. She drove me through some very unusual lane, I was thinking how to react or introduce myself when I meet Mac. I was preparing myself when the car stopped. We both got down and when I was still thinking, I noticed we had stopped in front of a graveyard. I had too many questions to ask PU’ but before I could say anything, PU, smiled and asked me to follow her, she took me to a grave. It was written “17th October’1984 - 17th October’2004, Mac Fernandes”. I really did not know how to react, but PU’ went on, she said, “My friends and my family think he is dead, but he will always be alive with me in my heart. He is my strength, my love, my only reason to be happy in life. Pu Continued- It was 17th October’2004 we had gone  to a resort , with some of our close friends to celebrate Mac’s Birthday, one of my friend Rinny was trying to get very close to him, which I did not like, and we had a small argument, actually I’m very possessive about Mac’. We were going to be officially engaged next month. Our family was happy with our relation.

I knew he only loves me but I still had an argument, I din spoke to him for an hour or so, but I wanted to make up for what went wrong so I decided to say sorry and patch up. But, when I came to meet him in the room he had gone swimming with friends. I was waiting for him at the resort beach, I could see him swimming, I ran towards him, he came out and hugged me, I insisted him to stay back with me, however, he did not listen to me, this time he went swimming, and never came back. I waited and waited, my friends informed the police and our family. The police sent a search party, however, they could not find his body, and they continued their search...”
I was in tears; I did not want to know any further. I hugged her. She had no tears in her eyes, cos’ for her, Mac was alive. I bow to this love, I will always love PU, the way she loved Mac. 

I found a new meaning for love, Love is always alive, even death can’t separate the one you love.

I drove and dropped her home. 
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friends or just more than friends!!!

What is love? It is a beautiful experience…a memorable event …a long lasting journey…lust to desire…melodious…and I can go on and on…. Adi (Aditya) is the name which changed my whole life , He is a part of every happiness in my life since I know him...

I was only 20,  when I first met Adi (Aditya) it was like the 13th of July! When I looked into his eyes I saw fireworks and when he looked back at me and smiled I knew it was love at first sight for both of us. We were doing our T.Y B.A and lived in the same neighborhood. I’ve loved him for what seems like forever. He asked me out in November and I said yes but there was one problem then, I didn’t love him with all my life but he liked me a lot. We lasted only 3 days because I being the stupid person that I dumped him. Cos’ I was scared, I knew my family won’t accept him but however in the weeks to follow we became really good friends. He would come over and chill at my house with me. We would sit outside at night and we would talk on the phone for hours and hours.

As the days passed by I began to like him more and more till finally I loved him so much I was going crazy (insane). He was the only person I talked about and my friends saw exactly where I was going. They knew I would eventually get the courage to ask Adi out, but they didn’t know when I would. They tried everything to stop me because they knew Adi very well as a person. Adi and I are completely two different people. Only thing we have in common is the close friendship that neither of us wanted to ruin. So we continued to be really good friends and by the end of the year everyone then knew what I was about to do. The whole bus ride home and the walk to our houses my friends tried so hard to convince that Adi wasn’t the one for me, except for one friend Pu (Puja), she thought Adi and I were meant for each other because of how well we got along and because of our close friendship , but everyone else had a different opinion. They told me I shouldn’t ask him out because he wasn’t my type. So I said well then if he’s not my type than who is? 
My Friends were speechless!

So that Friday night of May 31, 2010 I asked the love of my life out and he said yes. When he said the sky turned a different color blue and as the sunset I saw all the colors like I’ve never seen before. Now that we were a couple most of my friends thought we were going to last forever but that forever came to an end 2 weeks later. I don’t know why... it happens, I had never felt so sad and so crushed in my life.

I cried for days and days wishing every night that he would come back but he never did. I saw him the other day at the Bus stop he smiled at me and said Hi'. He pulled me off to the side and said “can’t we still be friends?  I was so close to him, I could feel his breath, that closeness was turning me on...but he still continued...

"Remember the friendship we had before all this and how close we were.... 
Do you remember the nights we sat outside and looked at the stars or when we would talk on the phone till 4 in the morning... 
Do you remember any of that? Because I do and honestly he said I miss those nights with you Archie..."

I didn't know what to say because I felt the same way. But I asked Adi... if all of what you just said  is true then why did you leave me? He was quite he just pulled me more closer ...looked into my eyes and kissed me...I was lost in his arms, I wanted the time to stop forever...he whispered he loved me...and hugged me ... I reached home a happy girl,  but I was still not clear whether we were friends or just more than friends!

That night we sat outside and watched the stars. I don’t know why but he held my hand and told me that he’ll always love me and maybe one day we’ll be back together but not now because we’re young yet and…   

I learned that love maybe too strong a word for us because it has a lot of meaning to it and some of us just don’t know how to use it and some of us do! I’ll always have a picture of Adi and I in my heart and thats where it’ll forever stay!
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