Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Will You KISS Me...

I had to choose between him and my mother what could I do…Just moved on…  Harry loved me like no one, we were two people and one life, I too loved him immensely, we decided to get married but my mother did not want me to marry Harry, she always said he loves only you not the “YOU” inside.

I tried convincing her a lot, but she was never happy about me and Harry being together, she used to completely ignore my talks about how much Harry means to me, everything was vain, I just couldn’t convince her enough. Harry wanted me to go against my mom and get married to him, to tell the truth even I felt the same, I thought once I get married to Harry, things will automatically change, my mom might realize how good a son-in-law Harry is…But somewhere I felt a pinch of going against her, I didn’t have a father, my dad passed away when I was quite young, my mom was the only guide, friend and family for me…

Harry and I started arguing on our marriage, every day we used to end up saying we better break-up if things continue the same and always make up the next day with a kiss on my forehead. I really loved him. Finally I decided to speak to my mother once and for all and even if she permits or not will get married to Harry, it was like 7.00 in the evening, I will never forget that evening my Mom was having coffee and reading a book, I sat in front of her and said “Mom, I’m getting married to Harry, I know you don’t like him, but I love him a lot, I can’t stay without even if you say NO I will and want to spend the rest of my life with him” My mother had tears in her eyes, she said “I will be really happy if Harry and you are together, but there is something I want to share…”

I was confused, coz’ my mom was always against Harry, suddenly a change of mind…My mother continued…”I have hidden a fact from you, I’m HIV Positive, I came to know about this only a couple of months back, I did not want to scare you by sharing this truth about me, I always want you to be happy, I want you to settle with your love and live a happy life…”  Please go ahead and don’t share this scary truth with him… my mom was literally crying hard, I was in complete silence, I did not know what to say, or how to react suddenly this came like nowhere, I just went to my room…She came to my room and asked “Will you still love me..Will you still hug me…I did not wait to hear anymore, I hugged and kissed her cheeks, and I had tears in my eyes while she was still crying...

I met Harry I looked into his eyes and asked him how much he loves me…he just smiled and hugged me, I felt warm and comfort, I told him to kiss me, he kissed me and that was the most romantic kiss ever I can still feel that in my veins (smiles) , I knew... it will either be the last kiss or a forever one…I shared the truth about my mother…He was quite , he did not say a word but suddenly he was laughing and said so what … everything is fine Don’t worry!!! I was feeling relaxed that Harry has accepted the truth and still loves me…when I was weaving my thoughts he just said that he had to leave coz’ he had some meetings scheduled…
He was just walking away waving his hand...When I realized he did not kiss me “GOODBYE”...I called...Wait Harry "Will you not kiss me Goodbye…" He just smiled and rushed into his eyes were moist…I got my answer….

I came home to my mom…Now I knew from within and was confident, that someday if I had to choose between my Mother and him….It will be my mom...I love you MOM!

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  1. The above story is not just a Love story..but it is also show how our society does not accept such people...what do you think...pls share your thoughts :)

  2. Hi Anu,
    To start with an old cliche,Just like we have fingers of diff size, so as well know are the various types of human beings, therefore its very difficult to check on to the acceptance level by the society.
    Infact on a very macro level , the society itself has a different / differential meaning vis vis diff people/stages of life.
    However I like the blogs which though written in a very plain and simple style , have lots to think and wonder about life.
    cheers !! hope to read more ......

  3. Thanx for spending your valuable time and sharing your thoughts :)

  4. It's a true fact friend, we just can't compare our parent's love to someone who just entered and pretend to be our love. Its true that they too love us, but its incomparable with of that of our parents. As in this life we have only a few occasions to show our love and thanks to our parents, we should make use of each and every chance to love them at our best...and I am sure that if we do so, they can't just say 'no' to our desires!!!

  5. thank you @adi :) I like your name very much!

  6. :D
    Thanks. Its short n sweet unlike me! :P

  7. Loved going thru your blog..It is in such trying times that you come to know how real, true and genuine your love is..Happy that you chose to be with your mom and believe me Harry is not worth your love..Forget it and carry on happily with your life. Someone really fortunate enough for you is waiting for you somewhere and you will meet him soon. Very well written in a simple language :)

  8. Thank you so much for sharing ur thoughts...This is not a true just a fiction...But I respect ur valued and positive suggestions :)@bindumenon

  9. Oh yeah i realised it later..anyways i loved it :) have followed you on twitter do follow back..:)

  10. There are many definitions for a kiss.. the simplistic one is the _ contraction of lips due to the expansion of heart. Harry comes out a nice guy, trifle naive but surely self centered. The girl was torn apart, she obviously took Harrys love as pure and pristine. While her Mom obviously knew there was something wrong and it had to pass a test.
    Sorry if Iam being a bit dramatic out here. Looks like the HIV bit was just that test, and Harry stood exposed. And they lived happily ever after.. .. the last passionate kiss sealed the end of the relationship.. good for the girl.

    Now Anu, this one is excellent. You r getting to weaver of intrigue and are letting the reader to come conclude ... brilliant.

  11. Thanx @Benedict your comment is really enlighten me to write another good post :) I heartily thank you for being here :)

  12. Whoa Whoa... I would love to sit and pick your brain. Where do you get such wonderful ideas from?

    You even made lazy me put my own ending to that story... Brilliance!

  13. I am sharing my experience with you,:D a kiss is one thing which when done confirms everything from both ends and the first kiss is the most important and memorable, and i can't leave my parents for my love..because parents is first for me..

    so i'l end on this note..."PLEASE BE LIKE DIS......FOREVER AND EVER"

    One thing i want to tell you again, you inspire "ME" always.. :)

    God Bless You.

  14. pls share that with me :) thank you @aravindkumar

  15. Hi Anu,

    Well said and well put thoughts in here. Yes, when time asks for a question to select either of them, we cant let go of our Parents' love. Good that it was realized at the end of it.

    Keep writing more :-)

  16. Wow.. Well written, sweet and touching.

  17. harry is a practical guy. and if he was sane, he would have gone for an elisa test the next moment.

    good or not a question. hiv can only be prevented. do anything but prevent it.

    else a painful death awaits. dont succumb to any temptations, emotions, feelings, desires is can live it only once in the form you are seeing it right now. why waste it for nothing.

    i am truly happy that harry got away. thank god you didnt kill him.