Thursday, March 24, 2011

Will you have coffee with me?

Alen was a 19 years old, staying with his mother, loved his Bicycle, his dog, his paint brush and his beautiful room, he wanted to live every moment of his life as he had very less of it, yes …you are guessing it right he had leukemia (cancer) and was not curable, but despite of his sickness he was never sad he did not fear death, full of life and cheerful, that was just amazing about this guy.

Right in front of Alen’s house there was a Book & Music CD shop, he used to sit by his window and watch passer bys, children going to school and sketch them…One day when he was sketching near his window suddenly a beautiful face caught his attention, his eyes were engaged with the innocence and cuteness of this beauty, he wanted to go and meet her know who she is, talk to her, paint her, it was almost evening , he saw her take a bus and leave.

That night he couldn’t sleep at all, his dreams were crowded with beautiful thoughts of the lady, and he wanted to be lost in it forever.  Next day he visited the shop and saw she was a sales assistant in the shop. Her name was Stacy.  He said he had come to buy some good music CD and books on love stories. She suggested a few, whatever she said sounded like a beautiful music, Alen was madly in love, he went there every day to buy a Book /CD … He told his mother about it, his mother said “why don’t you ask her out one day?”

He decided he will do that- gathered all his courage and asked “Beautiful lady, Will you have Coffee with me?  Stacy just smiled and packed the book he asked for. Every day from then Alen would ask her out for a coffee, but she just smiled and said nothing…few weeks later Alen passed away, his mother cried inconsolably, all she had was her son and she lost him forever …

Days passed Stacy wondered why Alen doesn’t come to meet her in the shop, one day she decided to check.  She went to his house, Alen’s mother was not sure of who she was, when she introduced herself, Alen’s mother had tears in her eyes, she said …”So you are stacy , Alen loved you so much, he just asked you out for a coffee every day, but you denied , how can you be so heartless, he passed away with this wish in his heart”  Stacy left the house with tears in her eyes.

Half a month after Alen’s death, his mother decided to shift to a new place , she was cleaning Alen’s cupboard , She saw books which were unopened, the CD’s were sealed she opened one of them a small chit fell on the floor, she picked it up..It read “Hi’ ‘m stacy, Will you have coffee with me…?"
Alen’s mother was shocked to read it, she opened all the books and CD to find that each had a chit which read “Alen..I will”, “Alen…I Love you” …. Alen’s mother went to the book shop immediately and there she was informed that Stacy could not survive an accident and she was no more…

The Coffee is still waiting, but the people who wanted to have it are no more…
Love makes no sound!

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