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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being Creative

Creativity is a phenomenon where a person creates something new, something which has ‘value’.

I'm going to explode what may be a common business paradigm - creativity isn't only or limited up to Advertising / Writers/Entertainers. Creativity is for any department that wants better solutions to whatever they are working on. And getting better solutions to problems is very practical.

The problem is that so many people are worried about being impractical, of coming up with silly ideas, being ridiculed by co-workers or having an idea that won't work that they won't look at any idea that seems the least bit different.

I have to tell you this - if you want better solutions than others, then you need to loosen up. Remember the Movie “Harishchandrachi Factory “everyone thought that Harishchandra was behaving silly, some thought he was insane, but he was the first man who gave India the concept of Cinema. People who made fun of him realized how great a man he was, so being silly is worth!

If you want to be truly innovative and creative, you've got to be silly. If you are scared to be silly, assuming what other people might think about you, then you limit yourself to some specific or careful ideas, and such Ideas are not too great

Just let go, relax think out of the Box and be silly, and you’ll come up with ideas which may not be good or bad but might have practicality, and may revolutionize your thought and process. It may also be beneficial to your business and the way people look at it. To me, this is a perfect combination of vision, innovation, and perseverance.

Another best way to do this is to open the windows and let in some fresh ideas. Invite your colleagues for brainstorming sessions. Listen with "open" ears to what these outsiders have to say. After all, if Harishchandra discussed his important thought with his wife (he said it was as much his wife's contribution as his), then surely we can do this in our own organizations.

Finally, put your great ideas into practice, and implement your innovation. Being creative might have lot of challenges but might just pay you a compliment or give birth to a Great Creative Idea!
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