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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Myth

A myth is a sacred narrative, it holds religious and spiritual significance for those who tell it, and it contributes to and expresses systems of thought and values. It is neither the truth nor the falseness of the narrative. To the source culture, however, a myth by definition is “true,” in that it embodies beliefs, concepts, and ways of questioning and making sense of the world.
Suggested Cast :
Ranbir Kapoor(Krish)
Sonakshi Sinha (Ashna - Girl in the painting)
Shreyas Talpade(Sud)

(V.O) - Most myths are set in a timeless past before recorded and the critical history begins…
Krish and Sudanshu (Sud) were very good friends, Sud was an artist, he was very good in charcoal painting, very honest and loved Krish very much, Krish was a digital head by profession and a dreamer, a very charming and attractive guy.  He loved sharing his dreams with sud, they lived together in a cottage, which was Krish’s ancestral property.
Krish and Sud were in the same advertising agency, Sud lead the creative department. Everyday the friends used to go to office together, in the evening they used to chill out with other friends , have dinner, share how  the day was and go to sleep…….on weekends sud used to spend time painting and krish would read or sleep the whole day, so that he can dream…
This was a routine…Yes! They were very happy!!
One Saturday afternoon sud was just trying to sketch something, just to irritate him more krish said …..”if u r findin’ it difficult to imagine and sketch, lemme help u…”haha, sud replied ye…u can and actli’ meant it , Krish told he was kiddin’ but sud was serious, Krish gave up to avoid an argument, he said he will describe how his dream girl looks like and sud has to paint it.
Sud was very excited with the idea of painting someone he has never seen and, it was a challenge…sud started workin’ on the sketch…..The result was a beautiful girl, smiling as if real, WOW! She was his (krish) love; he wanted his dream come true. He wanted her to walk out of the painting and talk to him.

3 months later…
There was a painting exhibition, even the beautiful girl’s painting was displayed, yes you guessed it right it was a big and of course a very special day for Sud , krish was escortin’ the visitors to see the paintings, all his paintings were appreciated , but the special mention was for the girl’s portrait, it was a happy day, lot of paintings were sold, only the girl’s portrait was not for sale, it was late evening when they started winding’ up, there came a visitor , he was saw all the display, he stopped near the girl’s portrait, and stood there for quiet some time , he came near the counter and said “how do you know this girl? “ this was a shocking question, for a minute krish and sud did not know what to say, when krish interrupted the silence, he simply asked why? Do you know her? And to their surprise the answer was “YES”…Krish cud not believe his ears, he asked him where has he seen that girl, he told he had seen her on his way to Pune, she was the only beautiful girl in the bus and he couldn’t take his eyes off her, Krish interrupted again .” Did you speak to her, where does she stay? “ the visitor was unable to answer – he left, days passed krish was becoming restless, he wanted to the meet the girl, he shared this with sud, could do anything for his friend, they went searching for that girl in Poona, they nearly searched the whole city, but did not succeed finding’ her...Krish and sud did not miss any chance to find her; even they got any information....

10 years later
The cottage was very untidy,  it had not be cleaned for years, it was full of dust, and at one corner Krish was sitting facing the girl’s portrait, he had even named her , he called her “Ashna” there were tears in his eyes, he was actually talking to the girl’s portrait , krish was mentally disabled, for him the girl’s portrait was alive , he used to talk to her for hours , share his food with her, he use to stay alone, sud was married and had shifted to a new house , he used to go on weekends to meet krish , he could not see krish suffering. He tried explaining krish that she is only a painting, but krish was so madly in love with her, that he never wanted to understand. Sud actli’ cried for his friend. Krish had also written a letter and pasted it on the portrait which said-

“I don’t know where are you, I ‘m waiting for you its dusk again and I’m waiting, Waiting watching the melting sun,
Another day has slowly melted, another ordeal is completely done…Starlit nights are no lovelier, No longer is beautiful the moon, The breeze is dry and rusty to me,
Solitude and tears are everywhere. This silence is burning me, burning my every core;
Come shield me from all this. Come hold me once more……and, tell me –
…………………………………………..Missing You!
Sweetheart I want you to know how I love you and will always love you even if I die, you will feel my love and ‘m very sure you will some day. “

2 years later
The cottage was for sale-
A young lady was interested in the property, she came to see the place, a young guy welcomed her, he was sud’s son he told his family is now in US, it was his uncle’s (krish)
Property and after his death, nobody is there to take care of it, so they had no option but to sell it, the lady was just going thru the paintings , when she suddenly came across a canvas which was covered and full of dust, she requested the young gentleman to help her unveil it , he did so, and to her surprise , it was “SHE” even the young man was dumstruck , he couldn’t believe his eyes , she saw the letter which was pasted on the painting , she picked it up and started reading it , there were tears in her eyes, he was the man of her dreams, but she was too late to come in this world...

She just closed her eyes and said “God is taking my test and I know I’ll succeed, I love you krish, and will love you forever “

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