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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NOT FOR SALE...Buried For Life!

Driving through dirty lanes, junky roads, isolated places, almost late evening…I was wondering where Gateway of India is …I asked “Uncle…Where are we going he just said – Aarti don’t worry you are safe, just trust me…” I had no option but to trust him, I was new in the city, suddenly the taxi uncle told the driver to get down and told me that I just had to co-operate as he will change my life forever , I did not understand or realize what he was saying, but it was not to late when he started touching me, hugging me, his grip was just becoming more and uncomfortable for me, I tried to free myself, I shouted , I yelled but there was no one who could hear me, except the taxi driver who did not care , My uncle forced himself on me, pushed himself so hard on me that I lay half alive, but to my sudden shock I found the taxi driver tearing the tits and bits of me…my dreams were crushed and tattered …I lay there knowing I’m buried for life…

Aarti had come with her uncle for Mumbai Dharshan, and that to without informing her parents, she thought if she did, they won’t allow her and sees the darker side of life. There are ‘n’ numbers of innocent children like her, who are traded everyday for sexual purpose, raped and thrown on railway tracks, used to make blue films, top class child prostitution… A customer may negotiate an exchange directly with a child prostitute in order to receive sexual gratification, or through an intermediary (pimp) who controls or oversees the prostitute’s activities for profit. The provision of children for sexual purposes may also be an object of exchange between adults. Many children are prostituted over the Internet with the use of webcams to facilitate this abuse, and pornography may be linked to the prostitution. Children are often forced by social structures and individual agents into situations in which adults take advantage of their vulnerability and sexually exploit and abuse them.

Why??? Can we voice this??? I know we can’t completely stop it, but can we care that it does not happen to innocent children, atleast save one innocent child from the abuses and happenings, as it happens without predictions. It is so scary to think that an innocent child is being used for lure business.
Let’s join and save an Aarti from being “buried for life”

Children are God's messengers and never for sale! Let's voice for the assets of our nation "THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE"

End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sting Operation!

Do you feel sleepy all the day? Do you hate people who gossip about you? Do you want to be active and alert even in a crowd?

Sting Operation!!! Now this can be possible, only if you travel in train, specifically western suburbs (ladies compartment), As you soon as you run and catch a seat for yourself, the operation starts, the bugs and the white ants, start sucking your blood, and biting you constantly, the bugs enjoy breakfast at peak hours , when the train is packed (crowded), this is again a biggest mission/stunt a common man has to accomplish everyday ,  I actually say that every person who commutes by train is brave .

Can you beat this-  we donate blood everyday to the bugs hiding in the seat, and to add to it you get to watch the wild life in the train itself for FREE! FREE! FREE!, like the cockroaches in all shapes and sizes, white and burgundy,  with stripes(zebra cockroach :), mouse, mini rats, baby lizards, and the most attractive, entertaining and amazing part is, the ladies compartment, you'll forget radio FM and every entertainment channel, it is full of fights, sweat, shouts, yells and more…(my practical experience :).

When the train arrives the destination(platform), you see people struggling to get out from the train to breathe fresh air and get rid of the REWARDS THEY GET FOR THEIR BRAVERY

 The list of rewards are as follows-

  • Free wildlife entertainment (baby snake is a special attraction);-)- no maintenance
  • Bugs making life miserable
  • You can’t beat the fragrance of sweating underarms.
  • Eunuchs bless you on daily basis only if you pay them
  • Free entertainment, when women fight like cats
  • Mini shopping’ mall (I hope you guessed it)
  • Mini beauty parlour
  • Group discussions (Gossips/ Bitching)
  • Bhajans and Movie songs - Voice of India / Sa Re Gama will get  less sponsors if they see the, versatile singers in the ladies compartment.

And most important thing – Death is so easy , any day a tiny bomb can burst like a cracker in any compartment and you’ll have to say goodbye to life. (that means train also controls population)

I know this was a bit harsh, just laugh it off , overcome your fear and sorrow … Chill! This is  Mumbai Train Life !!…
Sting Operation to be contd...
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